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            Our factoryFocus on vehicle maintenance services

            Guangdong RoadBuck Co., Ltd, which is the master of wheel alignment technology in China established in July 2005.
            With innovation from customers’ usage requirements, leading auto maintenance service solving plans and continuously developed user experience, Road Buck product competitiveness has further strengthened in the market. Now our products have sold to more than 30 countries and regions, and we have provided service to more users in auto maintenance sector.
            The dedicated work attitude and persistent endeavor of Road Buck staff guarantee quality product, thoughtful service and on-going create maximum value for the users. Today Road Buck has quickly developed as one of the most valuable auto maintenance equipment brands in China.



            Insist on hiring the best talents01

            Using global advanced technology


            Use brand machines best materials02

            R&D the latest and practical?product



            Factory showroom welcome you to visit real products

            Three big factories to promise the produce date

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            How to choose a wheel balancing machine?

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            3d wheel alignment machine

            How much do you know about the price of a car wheel aligner?

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